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Ranger Rita

Woman in ranger's hat peeks out from behind swiss cheese plant holding an orange net
Ranger Rita's Animal Adventure

A 30-minute, fun, fact-filled, interactive family show, performed at schools, parks and wildlife centres around the East Midlands.


We'll have you jumping up and down like a frog, standing on one leg like a heron and practising echolocation like a bat! Will you help Ranger Rita protect and preserve our nature reserves?


To enquire about booking "Ranger Rita" for your school, park or other venue, please get in touch with Emma:

Prices for venues or sponsors

£415 - half day (3 shows)

£460 - half day (2 shows + 2 drama workshops)

£535 - full day (5 shows)

£595 - full day (3 shows + 3 drama workshops)

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"Laugh Out Loud Theatre were a pleasure to work with, they quickly understood our aims and objectives and created a flexible, engaging script that could be adapted to a variety of scenarios. There performances were great fun and were enjoyed by adults and children alike. We look forward to working with them again in the near future."

(Katie King, Communities and Wildlife Officer, The Wildlife Trust BCN)

"My young daughter Evie, aged 3, was fascinated by all the characters. She particularly thought the otter was very funny, pretending to eat plastic bottles, etc, in his speech about recycling." (Audience member)

"My children are huge fans of wildlife and were enchanted by Ranger Rita introducing us to all the animals. There was comedy, adventure and a whole lot of education for the whole family. Really hope we get the chance to see them again."

(Audience member)

Dates for 2024

  • Sunday 19th May, Bradgate Park, Leicester

  • Tuesday 28th May, Fermyn Woods Country Park, Brigstock

  • Sunday 23rd June, Winwick Hall (along with Once Upon a Fairy Tale) ** ADULT TICKET ** CHILD TICKET **

  • Sunday 14th July, Stanwick Lakes Outdoor Theatre

  • Sunday 25th August, Chester House Estate

Meet the cast...
Ranger Rita
Ranger Rita

I'm your guide on our whirlwind tour of creatures big and small. Can you help me protect and preserve our nature reserves?


Do you want to know the secret to finding your way in the dark? It's called echolocation and it goes a bit like this...


Come and join me standing on one leg. Have you got good balance just like me?


Twit-twoo-twit-twoo! I'm a night-time sort of bird. Why are you waking me during the day?


I'm otterly thrilled you're taking such an interest in nature. Hey, could you help me build a dam?


I've got eight legs and lots of eyes, but I'm nothing to be afraid of, not really!

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