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'The Lost Words in the Woods'

Picture yourself in some woodland. It's peaceful, you can hear the birds singing, the trees swaying in the breeze... then all of a sudden a man in a gold blazer appears! No, you're not dreaming, that was Tim, dressed as a newt as we performed 'The Lost Words in the Woods'.

After collaborating with Fabula Arts on 'The Snow Goose', we were delighted to be working with leader James on this new project, this time with an added Natalie.

The performance was based on the book, 'The Lost Words' by Robert Macfarlane, a book of poetry about nature, and the words from nature that are slowly going missing from our vocabulary.

We performed to several local schools, and also had a public performance at the end of the week. Set in the beautiful Wytham Woods, our interative performance appealed to all ages.

The show began with Sara, a local scientist who was late for her first day working at Wytham Woods. She stumbled upon a diary belonging to Charles Elton, the scientist that set up Wytham Woods as a research centre. After chatting with Charles and his wife, Sara had to complete a task to crack a code, but what did it all mean?

Along the walk throught the woods, our audiences met several characters; a woodpecker and a grumpy badger who were arguing over noise levels, a newt in a shiny suit, Kelly the climate change protester, and a wise old oak tree.

At each point our audiences were read a poem from 'The Lost Words', describing various things from the natural world, and creating beautiful imagery.

Once the walk concluded, our audiences were challenged with solving the code using clues that they had gathered throughout their journey, and helped Sara to find out where she was meant to be.

After the performance, our school visitors took part in several workshops, creating poetry and artwork based on what they had seen and heard in the woods.

The feedback that we received from our visitors was brilliant, and even made the 6.30am departure time worthwhile!

We would like to extend our thanks once more to James and Fabula Arts for letting us be part of a brilliant week. We can't wait for the next one!

You can find a vlog about our time in the woods on our YouTube channel by clicking this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCysPE-4Iz_f6GAnyYLwZEBA/videos

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