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Easter pantomime? Oh yes we did!

Updated: May 6

April 2022 saw us produce our very first Easter pantomime, 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' at The Masque Theatre, Kettering.

We were delighted to welcome back returning actors Phoebe, David, Leto, Cam and Natalie, and were joined by the incredible students of Limelight Theatre School in Northampton.

Set in Dame Gertie Gumdrops' circus, we were introduced to the stars of the show, but things just weren't going Gertie's way, and her rival, Ringmaster Heinkel from the Circus of Horrors was set on stealing all of her customers for himself.

Gertie's daughter, Goldilocks, stumbled upon a cottage in the woods belonging to three bears, and after a tense first meeting, the bears agreed to help Goldilocks and Gertie out by dancing in their circus... until Ringmaster Heinkel kidnapped them!

It was a race to get the bears back, but after playing Heinkel at his own game, Patches the Clown, Goldilocks and Dame Gertie arrived in the nick of time and saved the day, and of course, everyone got their happy ever after!

Our actors were certainly put through their paces by the dance team on day one, but with dance captain Phoebe on hand to get us all up to scratch, the routines all looked incredible!

The smell of freshly popped corn wafting from the foyer gave the whole theatre a real circus feeling, and the set made you feel like you were actually ringside of the best circus in town.

We were thrilled to welcome the winners of our two competitions on our Friday performances, and we all absolutely loved meeting Henry, who was our backstage tour winner! We're glad you enjoyed the show, Henry!

We had an amazing week, and we'd once again like to thank everyone that made it happen. Special thanks go to Emma, Tim, Lucy, Flic, Dave and Peter for all of your creative brilliance!

Don't forget to check out the behind the scenes videos on our YouTube channel or our new TikTok channel!

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